Liquid Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Improved linearity, waste reduction and improved precision
Just to mention a few advantages of our Single Reagents.

Our stable and reliable diagnostic reagents, are there to make your clinical chemistry testing fast and simple. Salucea’s portfolio of Liquid Clinical Chemistry Reagents not only eliminate the problem of inaccuracy and  contamination, but are also more economical in use and reduce your preparation time considerably.

As you expect accurate and precise results when conducting a chemical analyses, you can rely on the superiority and stability of our reagents. Besides meeting the standards recommended by the IFCC and all reagents being CE marked, we  develop and manufacture all our Liquid Clinical Chemistry Reagents in compliances with ISO 9001 / 13485 and through the Micro Stab® technology.


single reagent

Salucea’s Reagents

A new stabilisation process, using  Microstab® technology, gives all Single Reagents the maximum stability.

  • improved linearity

  • waste reduction

  • easily adaptable to autonalyser

  • minimise preparation error

  • improved precision



Our Liquid Clinical Chemistry Reagents