About Salucea

a short introduction

Based in the south of the Netherlands, Salucea develops and manufactures high quality in- vitro diagnostic reagents and mobile chemical analysers.

Product development and innovative problem solving in the field of diagnostic and laboratory consumable reagents and portable laboratory equipment, distincts us from others, offering our clientele a flexible and dedicated partner.

Our Mission

Serve our customers

to our best ability with products and services that meet the highest market standards.

Improve our core competences

of developing innovative solutions in the field of diagnostic consumable reagents and mobile laboratory equipment.

Maintain and further improve

on our self-imposed high quality standards of both the products manufactured as well as that of the organisation.





Salus  was a Roman goddess. She was the personification of security and well-being (welfare, health and prosperity) of both the individual and the state.



In Greek mythology, Panacea was a goddess of Universal remedy.


Instability of  enzymes, the Salucea solution

Through Micro Stab® technology  our team of committed researchers have developed a completely new generation of liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents.

Recognising the problem of the instability of  enzymes when stored over a longer period of time, we developed a biological solution whereby the enzyme stability and storage life is considerably enhanced with regard to linearity, reproducibility, reliability and sensitivity.

Have a look at our complete portfolio of  Single Reagents

Zevitt 120t

All-In-One clinical chemical analyser

Our latest innovative development, the Zevitt 120t, a clinical chemistry analyser for testing Substrates, Electrolytes, Enzymes and Turbidimetry.
A distinct feature this clinical chemistry analyser has, compared to others, is that direct Enzymatic HbA1c Assays can be conducted.

Why choose for us?

Our agents and distributers are no sales channels in the traditional sense. Our end-user clients are not customers who we only invoice to.

No, both we consider as partners. Are you interested in becoming our partner?